Preview 'Ambitieuze Meisjes' collaboration part 1

As you girls already know, Lisanne is - besides her fulltime job - my editor on Stylofax for a while now. She is also member of 'Ambitieuze Meisjes' (meaning Ambitious Girls), a national platform for young female talents. Lisanne is Editor-in-Chief of the third edition of the AM magazine and they asked me to cooperate for a fashion spread. They gave me the task to style business versus pleasure, with one key piece item. The magazine launches half of July and will be also shown on my blog. For now I will already show my own followers the first outfit! As a key piece I choose a fierce pink top, to show that even a 'heavy' colour like this can be easily styled for several occasions. When it's hard for you to style smart outfits, start with an easy black and white combination. When this is not a favourite combination for you, go with natural shades like off-white or green. These go also very well with pink. A pencil skirt and a heavy coat are 100% classy, and very sparkling with pink. Keep the rest simple and tie up your hair in a slick ponytail. What do you think of part one? Xoxo, Deb. Pictures by Studio Bonansa

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