Wanted stylofax contributors

Are you into writing about fashion, interior or other lifestyle topics? Your the best collector of inspiring images or ready to share your outfits with other fashionlovers? Everything is possible to become a Stylofax Contributor! I want to expand my inspiration platform with different inspirators, so we can create a bigger inspiring playground for all readers. And that's why I need you! A lot is possible and don't be hesitant, only these things are important: - your an inspirer on ONE OR MORE specific fields where you're passionate about - you are willing to contribute frequently so we can create some planning, but you are in charge of the amount of updates Are you interested in joining the inspiring Stylofax playground? Send in a test article with images and picture of yourself before 25-6-2015 to debhendriks@hotmail.com English written post are a preference, but no worries because my editor can help with writing and translation! Who knows, there is a new passion for you in becoming one of my Contributors. It's a great way to let out your creative vibes! Xoxo, Deb.

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