Why put this bright color only inside of your closet? Get it all out and use it your home! Like I said in my previous post, this color is one trending topic in lifestyle and home magazines. The secret behind this trend? Blue gives balance, but it's also bright and fresh. A perfect color when you have a lot of white, grey or black in your house and want to give it a whole new look. A few blue pillows, candles or ornaments to make big changes at home. Are you a real daredevil? Maybe big blue furniture can be perfect for you! Xoxo Deb!



Finally I will show you an outfit with my new magic heels. What a mesmerizing color! With this shoes in such a powerful shade you can easily turn a basic look into something special. I like it with a black skinny jeans, or this black and white funky version. A black coat, short or a trench, will work with it. What do you think of this blue color? It's a big upcoming trend this season, and not only in fashion. Be patient, I will give a rocking blue home inspiration post further on this week! Big hug Deb!



After my personal pink outburst last Monday, I wanted to give you some streetstyle inspiration with different shades of pink and how to combine this sweet color with other tones. Pink was already one of the biggest trends this winter, but during spring and even summer it will pop up more: let's combine pink all the way! I like a fresh combination with a soft grey tone. From baby pink to cerise or magenta, grey with pink is a match made in heaven. You dare to be a bit more edgy? Try pink with burgundy, as you can see in the picture with the black leather gloves. You must agree, what a feminine color pallet! Which combination will you wear? I'm dying to hear it! Xoxo, Deb.



Pink, you brighten up my day. Every different shade has his own power: baby pink for a cute look, bright magenta to get a sporty look. My signature look is to contrast, so what about some pink contrasts? I'm lucky, contrasting pink is the upcoming trend for summer! This combination is quite heavy, so mixing it with basics like black and white. This head to toe outfit is from H&M and the beanie is from the latest collection. You better get into that store soon! Xoxo, Deb



First HAPPY VALENTINE!! For some extra inspiration I found the best maxi coat streetstyle pictures. I love it so much! This 'boyfriend' version is the best with a good pair of high heels. Long legs to give the coat some space to shine. Match it with a skinny jeans of short skirt. Loosen it up! Xoxo, Deb



With a few cold weeks ahead, we can still enjoy the biggest thrill of winter fashion: maxi coats! This season we are spoiled with the brightest colors, heavy shapes and cosy materials. But why does maxi coats have that big X-factor? I think maxi coats from H&M fits perfect with sporty items, skinny jeans and high heels. But in every combination, it's so feminine. I mixed with this H&M see-through top and a pop of color underneath (you know me, I need some color). The Supertrash jeans (Thanks again ST and Fashionchick!) fits perfectly. I'm loving it, and so does Bob! Xoxo, Deb



After almost ten years without wearing an black basic pants, I am finally ready for some black ones. Especially some palazzo pants! I think they are the best combined with high heels, to make it feminine. And use tops in strong or printed material, to keep it far away from a bored outfit. Try a good piece of jewelry on top! The black (fake) leather sqins are on top of my wishlist at the moment! Especially the baggy version that I spotted on the Supertrash runway last week during AFW. Leather items are both sexy as edgy. One of the best combinations! The strong material brings every other piece fabric to another level. You can never go wrong with it. Xoxo, Deb



What do you do when you need a strong outfit with the last trends? Use a statement furry friend! I still love this jacket, it's warm but has a delicate look. The Scottish texture ads perfect color to the outfit, I love it that this trend fits fashion like a boomerang; it keeps coming back to us! I wear this outfit to the delicious Fashionchick.nl blogger lunch @ the amazing Art Otel . Thank you Lovely Hannah for the pictures! It was perfect shooting together:-)



I finally recovered from last weekend: Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week was perfect! Like a little girl in a candy shop, I visited three shows that where each of one spectacular. Show 1: Jacob Kok Sporty minimal, I love it! Especially for the summer months, so already some inspiration when the temperature goes up. Most remarkable on stage? The color combinations. What a dream! The accessories in plexi materials are phenomenal, they are so on my wish list right now!
Show 2: Maryme-jimmyPaul (The name is already so stylish!) I was on the front row, and I loved it! Statement pieces in a shimmering winter wonderland landscape. The best! The blue feather skirt was one of my favorites, I wish I could wear that piece.
Show 3: Supertrash Every year I am surprised by Olcay, because her shows changes in the most surprising way. This year minimalistic was the key word. Masks and hats gave the show a high fashion feeling. Black, grey, beige and dark blue (one of my favorites of this moment) where the main colors in the collection. The best outfit? In my opinion the cut out crop top and wide leather pants. What do you tink of the show? XX Check all the pictures from Fashionweek here @ fashionchick.nl (sorry Olsay this was the only picture i had from you)



As I told you already in my earlier post, I was one of the lucky ladies that entered a VIP weekend during AFW, hosted by Fashion Chick. We where spoiled rotten! Before the Supertrash show we got one of the best surprises that weekend: we got a head to toe free outfit from Supertrash, and they let us pick the outfit ourselves! The Supertrash Brand Store in Amsterdam is such a great looking store and the Supertrash girls helped us with the outfits. The are so lovely! I choose a white crop top, perfect jeans and kobalt blue shoes. It was great fun with al the girls. During the show I wore the top and shoes, combined with my own skirt, neon clutch and copper necklace. What do you think of it? I will show you the Supertrash jeans later on! After the show and drinks at the Supertrash party I attended the official MBAFW after party with the girls from Fashionchick and Evelina, one of the other bloggers that won the VIP weekend. We danced all night and had the best time! After 2,5 hours of sleep (and slightly hangovered) we had a lunch with the Fashion Chick girls and bloggers from all over the world. Before lunch I was not sure if I could make it true this day, but the lunch was so good! It brought me a little bit back from that hangover. I look back on a great weekend, slightly bittersweet. I'm a bit sad it's over already! I want to thank www.fashionchick.nl for this great weekend, Wendy for all the good care and Hotel art Otel for the great stay. If you ever need a hotel and fancy a modern and luxurious style? Go there! Supertrash.com for the amazing present you can give a girl. The girls, EvelinaMadison, Hannah and Maria  for al the fun!  fashionweek.nl for al your inspiration, can't wait to see you this summer!! Have a great weekend, enjoy!! Xx