A top and skirt in the same colour or print, my personal favourite at this very moment! Fresh of the runway so not quite yet in stores, but slowly they pop in streetstyle. H&M brought this green ensemble and I can't get enough of it. More than thousand ways to mix and match, but statement wise the best when you wear it as a set. When you keep the rest of the outfit clean and simple, the set pops out. Rich materials like fluffy faux fur and leather create a strong contrast and strong look. Who doesn't fall for sets like this? Xoxo, Deb (H&M top, skirt and scarf - Mart Visser bag - Zara boots and jacket)



Spring has sprung and I am so ready to wear my slip ons again. Combined with new season stuff for a second round! This oversized blazer is one versatile baby, because it can be used as well as a dress while the buttons are closed. Wear this classic item on top of a leather pants to spice it up a bit. The leather pants (fake, but who cares!) is one of my favourites, I can't say it enough. Leather pants are hard to find in a good fit, but with some long tops you can easily cover up some slouchy bits. When you wear this particular style, keep in mind that clean colours and diverse materials will work instantly. Make a statement with accessories like popping earrings or shoes with prints like mine. These copper and marble earrings brought me back to wearing earrings, best seen with your hair in an updo. This half knot is my favourite at the moment. What is your favourite hairdo? Xoxo, Deb. (Mart visser bag, Other Stories ring, H&M pants, top, blazer, slipons and earrings from H&M)



Every month I want to share my personal wishlist including the hyperlink so you can immediately shop those wanted items! This month I collected these pretty babies for you. Which is your favourite? Let me know! Xoxo, Deb.



Such a classic, trousers and especially in an oversized fit! Get it mixed with a see through top and high heels for a perfect night out. Swop those items with a leather jacket and woolen scarf to make it sporty and less girly. This checkered white and blue are spot on in the scarf combined with the black look. When you add a big bag, trousers are perfect for a shopping spree! The Adidas Stan Smith would be great underneath, but those are on my wishlist. Safe some money first! xoxo, Deb. (H&M trouser - Zara jacket, shoes and earcuff - 2nd hand scarf- Mart Visser bag)



Hi everyone! My name is Bonny, Debbie's new photographer. Happy to let you know I am part of the Stylofax team now! I am 32 years old and live happily together with Edwin in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Debbie and I know each other a long time already, because I worked at H&M as a visual merchandiser. Together with my friend Natalie I entered the Art school in Tilburg. After this study we both went our own way, but two years ago we decided to work closely together and start a photo studio in Gennep, near Nijmegen. A dream came true in our own company studiobonansa.nl  (facebook.com/StudioBonansa). For now on we will take care of Debbie and get her lovely outfits on camera! Beside Bonansa I work part time at Sussies Vintage in Nijmegen, another addiction to me. It's great to combine two loves of my life: photography and vintage! I hope I will be a addition to the Stylofax inspiration for you all. xoxo, Bonny



On Facebook, Instagram our my blog: I like share some snapshots of our house sometimes. The last months I spend loads of time at home, together with our little boy. And loads of time at home means for me a big desire to re-design it. I can't even describe it! I love budget and vintage items, so Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay) offered me allready loads of treasures. This marble table is one hidden gem I found, it was so long on my wishlist! Next thing: looking for chairs to fit our dining table. You need something to wish for... It takes years to get it the way you want it, but I allready love it the way it is. Xoxo, Deb.