I have never worn this outfit before but it's been in my mind for years. I love it the most when lace is combined with a tube skirt. So feminine and chic! However i think black doesn't do it for me, Sometimes is my mood that decides. In my mind i hear my Boyfriend laughing. You girls get that ride? Mood decides!! I hope you've had a wonderful christmas together with you loved ones. PS. Did you know that I'm battling for blogger of the year in a contest on Follow Fashion? Check out the link HERE and vote!



I definitely wear lace at Christmas - I have a sincere portion of Christmas stress every year. Stress about how to get all my presents in time, stress about the food, but of course I get stressed out the most because I don't know what to wear! Last year was a NIGHTMARE. I chose the complete wrong outfit. It was a dress with boning. I had to sit at a table for 4 freaking hours. I couldn't sit at all!! And at the end of the day the whole dress got completely out of shape. This year I'll choose the set that came in second last year. Leather skirt and lace top, Perfect for the day! Maybe these pics will help you pick your Christmas outfit. Please enjoy this great time of the year and I hope to see you soon at the Stylofax! Enjoy! XX



H&M skirt and fake fur scarf - Sacha schoes.  I's bin a long time since i have been dressed in black completely. I am totally in love with this amazing skirt. Such great structure and great contrast when you combine it with fake fur and leather. That is the reason i don't need  color this time. Maybe i will wear this skirt and high heels for christmas. Today with a cool touch because of the leather and cut out boots. Hope you like it. Have a great evening!! Enjoy!!  Xx



Vandaag offline vs online shopping!! Ik werd door actiepagina.nl voor een geweldige uitdaging gesteld: Welke verschillen ervaar jij tussen het online en offline shoppen? Ik moest bij Zalando een item kopen. Vervolgenseen vergelijkbaar item voor je moeder, vriendin of zus in een gewone winkel. Mijn budget €150. Door deze extra uitdaging is winkelen nóg leuker en vooral doordat ik iemand anders blij mocht maken. Wat trouwens ook fijn is, is dat jij via de Zalando pagina op actie pagina.nl HIER , 12% korting op een aankoop vanaf 75€ Bij Zalando kan scoren. Deze korting is nergens anders te krijgen dan op ACTIEPAGINA.NL Ik ging met mijn Zalando wishlist op jacht bij H&M (voor diegenen die het nog niet wisten: mijn favo merk:-). Daar hing "hij", een zilveren asymmetrisch mini rokje! Hij gaf nog net geen licht. Ik bedacht me ineens dat het 2e artikel ook in andere kleur mocht. Via de handige zoekfuncties op Zalando spotte ik al snel een look a like in het zwart. Zo stylisch die minimal touch!! Deze ga ik combineren met een heavy knitwear.....



Over knees. I love this trend! I bought my first pair 7 years ago. The are still beautiful thanks to my great great shoemaker. How to combine these booties? My favorite combinations are; A cute bohemiam flower dress and a leather jacket, peplum skirt en heavy knit or an A-line/balloon dress. One thing is for sure,I prefer wide fitted clothes. Definitely skip tiny fit or skirts that are too short! I hope these pictures inspire you lovely ladies. (Maybe you can ask Santa?!) Have an great evening!! XX.



Battle of the bloggers & coats. Last week i received an email. I was ill but this email made me smile. Follow fashion chose me for the blogger of the year contest. So honored!! I have to win the following battle. Wear this cool follow fashion t-shirt in an outfit post. Everybody can vote! She who has the most votes of all, wins the contest and is blogger of the year!! That is an amazing title. I definitely want to win that one! Maybe you can help me by Voting HERE Or just check out the other blogger's outfits. Thank you for you time lovely fashion followers!!



Wearing designer shoes for the first time of my life - Feels really amazing - Wearing this outfit for breakfast with some friends - The day after a perfect party night - Thanks to Simone for the amazing weekend en making these pictures - Mixing the boyish cap and the feminine skirt - Cute bow tie blouse i bought years ago - Lots of details but clean color flow - Shades of grey - Wearing H&M from head to toe - My favorite brand!!



Omg omg i still can't believe it. I am one of the lucky ladies who own the amazing grey fringe boots by Isabel Marant for H&M. My first designer boots. Aaaaah!! Since puberty i am crazy in love with suede boots. It really was a special moment when i opened the box last week. I'm soooow thankful. Though i think they are to beautiful tot wear, i know for sure that these babies will be sticking to my feet for the next few months!! Xx



Hiiiii i'am back:-) i was ill:-( - Words to describe this amazing inspiration pictures - Emerald green - Color of the year 2013 and one of my favorite colors - Can be combined perfectly with black and white, burgundy, shades of grey, purple, gold and olive. - Autumn color - Chic - Ton sur ton - wear it!! Big hug