Total look from H&M
The baby has landed!! I gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Jouk Jacobs. Soon i will introduce him here on stylofax. Can't wait? check FB HERE or IG HERE. ( follow me being a mommy on Intagram @ our_little_guy HERE for kidsinspiration) We are crazy in love and feeling blessed. I am a mommy now and that is an amazing feeling!! After a slow start every thing is oke now. Sorry for the silence here on Stylofax. This is the last outfit post Stijnhoekstra.nl shot for who cares. This amazing site for pregnant women did an interview with me. You can read it HERE. After this post there wil be one more "big belly post" and after that i post some "personal stuff." my boyfriend, my home, and af course my Son! But first our son gets all my time. Hope you'll forgive me and won't forget me!! See you soon xoxo Deb



Almost ready to go back in my closet to be back when my baby is out. I am almost 40 weeks now (on the picture 35 weeks) This skirt is one of my favorites! I bought this skirt in the first weeks of my pregnancy and will work this season again. I love the print like grazy. The white top with special neck is a perfect match. Have a nice weekend!! Xoxo, Deb.



With winter just around the corner, everyone is preparing themselves with a warm winter coat. This season you can go grazy, there is so much lovely stuff in stores! Stay away from black and buy something different. A special color or print. These catwalk shots will inspire you hopefully to fiend a warm and fuzzy partner to team up against the freezing cold. I am very strict to myself, no new coat aloud for my and my closet. Due to my pregnancy leave from work i am not in front of coats, so hopefully I will stick to my own rule. But once the sale kicks in...Let's see! Xoxo, Deb. (pictures from Pinterest)



When cobalt meets grey, some magic happens. This is the second outfit Stijn shot at the library in Arnhem. I love to create power in a ton sur ton look with one special accent. Sssst! It looks like a dress, but it's a skirt (and it is on sale at H&M) and a top. Turtle necks are back in business during these cold monts. Spice grey up with a sparkling color like cobalt when you think it's too dull otherwise. What do you think of grey this season? Xoxo, Deb.