I went sporty chic with a mesh skirt and heels with sporty heels. I used a white minimal top for that black and white perfection. A popping red accent with a faux fur bag, made it myself! Earparty with a cuff and a topknot as my favourite up do at this moment. Still thinking about a long bob...Do you think I need scissors in my hair? Xoxo, Deb.



Last Saturday I visited Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week and I had a blast. Mommy was out! I visited the show from Spijkers en Spijkers, powered by Smart. I think you saw the pretty car on social media. I want that car on my driveway :) What a perfect show and I had the best time. I love colour and prints and that's exactly what the sisters managed like grazy. It all started with black, grey and minimal checkered prints. I melt for those prints the last years! Thru the show the prints changed in it's diversity. For example a marvellous beetle print all over! Also more colour and light materials. Accessories with special funny touches and a focus on the waist. That beetle came back a few times. Loved it. And don't forget the vintage sunglasses! They are on my sky high wishlist.



A new year, a new theme on Stylofax! Every month I want to share my personal wishlist including the hyperlink so you can immediately shop those wanted items! This month I collected these pretty babies for you. Which is your favourite? Let me know! Xoxo, Deb.



As you already know I love to mix up different colours. These two tones are one of my favourite combinations! I also used them together in my styling at home, which gives a bohemian but slight minimal look in my house. An oversized cardigan is one hell of a musthave during winter, and perfect without a coat during a fresh but sunny day. A hat is important when you make a boho look, you like this new one from &otherstories? While I wear this boho look I am so ready for a summer version! When January finishes, the spring and summer are on their way. Love it! But remember to wear your special winter items before it's to warm and so to late! Xoxo, Deb!



Very different but so ladylike: oversized trousers. This time I combined it with a white top and nude coat. Nude and grey is so great together - yes, beanie time again! - don't you think? Nude colors can make your skin a bit pale, so some self tanning lotion can be a solution. Fresh tones for winter are such a trend. Have you tried it yet? Xoxo, Deb.



Since you have heard so much about our little guy, I need to tell you more about the other most important man in my life: Bob! My love, my best friend and perfect father to Jouk. Love at first sight, almost nine years ago and unbreakable since that moment. It was an arranged meet up by friends, so that can work out perfectly! Bob is the one that takes my pictures and you can guess it, not always a fun job for him! But he helps me out and he is definitely getter better at it, don't you think? But to give him a break a little bit, maybe my sweet followers can help me out with the following request: I am looking for a student photographer or someone with photography as a hobby, who wants to help me out with taking photos from me for Stylofax. Someone who wants to collaborate for his or her portfolio, and help me out with good en strong images for my blog. Are you that person or do you know someone? Let me know, because I want to team up! Xoxo, Deb.



To all my lovely followers: happy new year! I wish you all the happiness in the world. My new years resolution is to inspire you to the max in 2015. I am so thankful for your loyalty and support, remembering that I am not very active on the blog at this moment, as a young mum. I promise, I will get more time over the months! I hope everyone had a splendid Xmas and a sparkly New Years Eve. Our first holidays as a young family where different, but very lovely. For now some snapshots of last weeks outfits. Big hug and hopefully till soon! Xoxo, Deb.