maxi coat

maxi coat fashionblogger all white minimal ripped denim
H&M pants and slipon - Hema shirt - Mart Visser bag
Besides my passion for print mixing, an all black and white ensemble can give me a smile on my face too! White on white is one big summer trend and I love it. The ripped jeans combined with an all time white tee, so fresh! With a black maxi coat it make me look taller, great for a little girl like me. I styles it off and voilĂ , ready to Go! Xoxo, Deb


My Ibiza looks

The three of us had a wonderful vacation on Ibiza. Too bad it's over already! My top priority was to spend my time with my two men, that's why I will give
just a little recap of my Ibiza looks afterwards to spread some sunshine. Pretty helpful I think with those heavy rain from last week! Is summer really over? From now on we can prepare for fall and winter together. I hope you all had a great summer, lots of lovely summer looks and not any outfit stress! Mostly I hope I have inspired you all during summer '15! Xoxo, Deb


Go green

minimal leather skirt off white boho floppy hat sandals see thought fashionblogger dutch blogger
H&M sandals, hat, skirt and top - Primark bag -Mango bracelet - COS sunglasses
What to do with a off white leather skirt when you want to take it to a whole other level? Combine it with green! Using a basic green top is perfectly fine above the skirt with a string of see through material. I totally love the mix of materials in the skirt. This (link invoegen) jacket was a great inspiration to wear something green with the skirt. Lately I combined the outfit with high heals, for now with my new sandals. Is green shining in your wardrobe? Xoxo, Deb.


Recap pregnancy part 1

I can't describe how silly it feels to see these pictures. It seems so long ago, this special period in my life. It feels a bit bittersweet, because unfortunately I had a pretty difficult pregnancy so couldn't enjoy it for the full 100%. On the sunny side, I loved it to dress that big belly. Because I didn't want to spend any money on pregnancy clothes, it was a challenge to keep up with the latest trends. I really love to look back on this fashion period! My golden tip for styling during pregnancy: watch out with wide clothes and keep the attention on your pretty belly. Try other pieces than you normally do, because you have a different figure than you normally have! Which one is your favourite? Xoxo, Deb.



Currently on my mind: back to bangs! Several years ago I had bangs like these but more in a straight line. What about a nonchalant version right now? When I grow my hair finally in one length, I'm wondering to get some scissors to spice things up. But I am so in doubt about it! Also about my colour; keep it blonde or go for a darker shade? Help me! Are there more girls out there who are doubting their hairdo like me? Xoxo, Deb.


Palazzo pants

palazzo pants bohemian chic dutch blogger hat garden lounge garden ibiza style
H&M top, hat - Zara pants
I am the owner of this palazzo pants for a while now, but only wore it just once. Made it a bit shorter, and for me that looks better. Today combined with a body hugging off shoulder top. Love the feminine touch of the bare shoulders! During the day pretty with slippers, in the evening with heels. So nonchalant but very ladylike. What do you think? Xoxo, Deb.


Hot sho(r)t

GRAPHIC short cos zara fashionblogger sunglasses high waist oversizes white t hema
T-shirt Hema man - Zara heels and short - COS sunglasses
(Pictures by Studio Bonansa) One of my favourite kind of prints: graphic! I bought this piece during pregnancy at Zara and finally it's time to wear them. The oversized white t-shirt is a boyfriend fit (thanks for that babe!) and is a good match with the body hugging short. This combination would also do great with some slippers. At this moment I am kind of in the middle of a 'don't know what to wear and is it even appropriate' period. I think because of motherhood. Also really bothered with my length, I feel myself suddenly childish in dresses or skirts. Luckily there are heels! But in my mind I am in a desperate want of a whole new wardrobe. Is it just a phase or do we really change our natural fashion style when we become parents? Anyone who experienced the same after giving birth? Tell me all about it! Xoxo, Deb.


Go off shoulder

H&M top and short - Zara bag - Blink heels
(Pictures by Studio Bonansa) What a catch during sale this top! Off shoulder is one of my favourites and timeless like a little black dress. On top of that, a bit more edgy than a normal white shirt. This suede short is from H&M trend and bought almost a decade ago. When you buy good quality items, you can use these seasons over and over again. Personal style tip: buy shorts one size bigger. It feels more comfortable and mostly it looks way better. Do you have catches like these in your wardrobe? Xoxo, Deb


How to wear: yellow skirt: 3 ways to go‏

rock chic streetstyle fashionblogger fringe bag yellow skirt half bun 70s trend biker boots new collection hairdo trend 2016
70s yellow skirt gladiator heels high heels fashionblogger stylofax debbie hendriks denim
You saw this yellow skirt a while ago and it's an easy grabber this season. That's why I want to show you three different ways to rock this yellow piece: Rocky road: Slightly different, but so summer festival proof combined with a grey shirt with rock print and biker boots. Hippie glam '70 vibe all over! Remember: grey and yellow are great together. Go bananas: Ton sur ton is a personal favourite. Back again with a 70' style denim top, I have a huge crush on oversized sleeves. Gladiator inspired sandals finishes it of the look. Denim & Comfy: The ladylike skirt and heels deserve it to be worn with a strong item like this denim shirt. For me so wearable and comfortable! I love to bring this item back into a wardrobe. Which one is your favourite? Xoxo, Deb.


A sunset coloured outfit‏

oranje camel leather skirt fashionblogger zara bag debbie hendriks stylofax trend 2016
Zara bag & top - H&M skirt - Bershka bracelet
(Pictures by Studio Bonansa) With a better sunny weather forecast ahead (this last week was too rainy for summer!) I dared to create a sunny outfit with a - sort of - ton sur ton colour pallet. You know I do best with some contrast in materials, so leather with a knitted top is on! I used some accent in it with this ruby red bag. It's a piece for winter, but for know perfectly on spot in summer. The lacy sandals are a huge trend this season. Kind of a fashion no-go: I don't have black flat open shoes like slippers or sandals...I need to break my shopping restriction I think;) Xoxo, Deb!