Pencil skirts: one of my all time favourite pieces to wear! Hopefully you don't think it's getting boring, but pencil skirts are definitely a part of my signature look. If you want to see me in a whole other look, leave me some fashion requests. Because I really like to experiment! Back to the pencil skirt. Perfect for me, during pregnancy they are perfect. Not to tight and still enough space to breath. The shape features the bump perfectly and give my legs some length. Minimalistic is one of my favourite styles and the print is so strong that you need to stick to the minimalistic look. Not a problem for me! I picked a top with a fresh font on it, black bracelet and grey long waistcoat. Grey and the cobalt blue in the shoes are a great balance with the black and white. Next time a boho look on the blog! Which one will you prefer? I'm dying to hear that from you! Xoxo, Deb!

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