An all time favorite because of the clean blue tones and strong material: denim. The best part of this chunky garment is the variety of it. You can mix and match all the way! From boho beauty (see my previous post) to super chic combined with some magic colors like gold. I can't wait to show you an outfit combination with denim and a pretty golden skirt. A great trend at this very moment is denim on denim. Why? Because fashionistas can't get enough of doing some denim! A must buy basic in your closet is an oversized denim shirt, to combine with a body hugging piece underneath it. Be a bit sexy and keep a few buttons unzipped, and finish it off with a petit necklace. A basic item like this never goes out of style so it's a keeper in your closet! Some streetstyle inspiration to hit the road in denim yourself! Xoxo, Deb!

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