Awakenings festival

fastival outfit inspiratie awakenings silk slipdress bikerboods fringe bag dutchblogger
Besides a day full of nice music, lovely people and a relaxed vibe a great festival outfit makes me happy! This time Bob took pictures because unfortunately I can't fly in Bonny all the time;)Speaking of contrasts: two items can't be more different from one another. Silk and biker boots! This bodysuit from a lace material is good from the front but even better from the back. You have to show this item! Perfect to combine with tops and dresses with a low back. So leave the bra at home! A bummer with a small chest but hey, big boobs are not particularly in fashion right?;)
Combined it all with fine jewellery and messy hair. Unfortunately mummy didn't had time for black nailpolish which would have finished it off.
Go grunge chic like the Olsen twins. Those sisters are the best in styling and definitely style icons! Xoxo, Deb.

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