Since you have heard so much about our little guy, I need to tell you more about the other most important man in my life: Bob! My love, my best friend and perfect father to Jouk. Love at first sight, almost nine years ago and unbreakable since that moment. It was an arranged meet up by friends, so that can work out perfectly! Bob is the one that takes my pictures and you can guess it, not always a fun job for him! But he helps me out and he is definitely getter better at it, don't you think? But to give him a break a little bit, maybe my sweet followers can help me out with the following request: I am looking for a student photographer or someone with photography as a hobby, who wants to help me out with taking photos from me for Stylofax. Someone who wants to collaborate for his or her portfolio, and help me out with good en strong images for my blog. Are you that person or do you know someone? Let me know, because I want to team up! Xoxo, Deb.

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