Fashionista's bring the latest trends into their homes, right? I can't deny it, I love to style my house every now and then! Loods 5 is one big walhalla of home decoration, furniture and a variety of little treasures for your house. You find this shop in Zaandam and Sliedrecht (i prefer Zaandam). I tried to capture my top items for you on camera, with the latest fashion trends in home deco. One big trend are coffee table books, full of marvelous pictures to empower the style you want to create at home. Not only fashion books, but also travel guides or all different kinds of photography can be great on the table. One big statement for your house is copper. Copper colors in paint or furniture, but also statement pieces in copper like candle holders or pots for plants. You can't go wrong with copper this season! I also like the mix of pastels with bright neon colors, what a surprising good match! They balance with each other and create harmony instantly. Off coarse I brought some treasures home with me. A bell glass, minimalistic paperback and house aroma. What do you think of the trends and my purchases? Xoxo, Deb.

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