For years I was totally into skirts, but slowly I start to wonder if pants are taking their number one position in my head. Ripped denim, culottes and last but not least flared pants give me better vibes. And you know me, who save some old items they once will be back in fashion. Oops, now I feel so old...but it's a great advantage! While all of these three items are back in trend, they push skirts of the first place. Culottes are best in simple but chic outfit with a basic item. Perfect for crop tops! Flared pants are great in a 70's style this summer, ripped denim perfect with classy tops. Another shape, the palazzo pants that are wide from hip to toe, are great with crop tops or wide items. With pants you can go all the way: from boho to very chic! Xoxo, Deb.

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  1. Great inspiration! Normally I'm really a skirts/dresses girl as well, but lately pants are starting to pull my attention more as well..