Make a step from spring to summer with an all time kimono. Printed or just in one color, it's a great item to mix and match. This camel version goes very well with this fake leather pants (an oldie but goodie from H&M) and bright green top. Do you need more inspiration to match with camel? Go pink! The low ponytail is not only a big fashion trend at the moment, but also creating a boho chic look with the outfit. The printed clutch for a bit more contrast in this 'no-print' look. What do you think of the Celine look a like necklace from H&M? It's in stores now! Xoxo, Deb and have a great king's day. ENJOYYYY!!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. hele mooie outfit! Die kimono staat je super goed en die schoenen wil ik gewoon ook!


  2. aa super lief!! het is allemaal oude collectie. schoes van Blink en Kimono van Zara. xxxx