Make a step from spring to summer with an all time kimono. Printed or just in one color, it's a great item to mix and match. This camel version goes very well with this fake leather pants (an oldie but goodie from H&M) and bright green top. Do you need more inspiration to match with camel? Go pink! The low ponytail is not only a big fashion trend at the moment, but also creating a boho chic look with the outfit. The printed clutch for a bit more contrast in this 'no-print' look. What do you think of the Celine look a like necklace from H&M? It's in stores now! Xoxo, Deb and have a great king's day. ENJOYYYY!!!



I waited long enough but not any longer: festival inspiration for you has officially started! Not a trend but a returning statement for a summer full of festivals: the silver bracelet party. You can't go wrong with mix and match and remember: even more, even better. I found the best inspiration pictures online with a few possibilities. Combine silver with gold or copper, with bright colors like green or blue or put them together with some stones. Where to look for these pretty babies? Of course on Ibiza and at flea markets . Collect them the upcoming months and after festival season you put them safe to a winter sleep. They will be ready for next years festival season! Xoxo, Deb.



With festival season ahead and to see all the festival style pictures of American music and arts festival Coachella (check #coachella2014 on Instagram or search Pinterest!) I am so ready for a boho look. This black version is timeless, and I still like boyish shirts with some print on front. The best to style with feminine pieces! And what is more feminine than a black skirt and heels? I combined them with some jewelry from 9 years ago, bought during a holiday abroad. Every year I use them and still very happy with them! A hat to empower the boho look from top to toe. And for a bad hair day! Xoxo, Deb.



Instagram is such a great addition to my blog and one big inspiration spot for my outfits! Great to show you all some snapshots of my daily wear, previews of my posts and everything else that keeps me busy all day. Where do you use Instagram for? Not also following other fashion bloggers, I like accounts as OOTD magazine or Modevamp to get new ideas for outfits and very important: re-use old items from my closet. Already following my Instagram account? If not, add @stylofax HERE and let's share inspiration together! Xoxo, Deb.



Hii girls. I am back, finally!! I had a few crazy weeks. Don't ask! Today streetstyle inspiration. I am so happy fashion brought one 90's trend back in business: the crop top! In my previous post I revealed some skin with a blue version, but my closet will definitely have some more of these cute ones this spring and summer. It is such a wearable item, also when you don't want to show that much skin. High waist skirts are a great partner, but you can style them all the way. Enjoy this streetstyle inspiration, how fashionista's worldwide this pretty little pieces of garment. H&M has a wide range of crops these season! Xoxo, Deb.