Hi everyone! My name is Bonny, Debbie's new photographer. Happy to let you know I am part of the Stylofax team now! I am 32 years old and live happily together with Edwin in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Debbie and I know each other a long time already, because I worked at H&M as a visual merchandiser. Together with my friend Natalie I entered the Art school in Tilburg. After this study we both went our own way, but two years ago we decided to work closely together and start a photo studio in Gennep, near Nijmegen. A dream came true in our own company ( ). For now on we will take care of Debbie and get her lovely outfits on camera! Beside Bonansa I work part time at Sussies Vintage in Nijmegen, another addiction to me. It's great to combine two loves of my life: photography and vintage! I hope I will be a addition to the Stylofax inspiration for you all. xoxo, Bonny

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