Pencil skirts: one of my all time favourite pieces to wear! Hopefully you don't think it's getting boring, but pencil skirts are definitely a part of my signature look. If you want to see me in a whole other look, leave me some fashion requests. Because I really like to experiment! Back to the pencil skirt. Perfect for me, during pregnancy they are perfect. Not to tight and still enough space to breath. The shape features the bump perfectly and give my legs some length. Minimalistic is one of my favourite styles and the print is so strong that you need to stick to the minimalistic look. Not a problem for me! I picked a top with a fresh font on it, black bracelet and grey long waistcoat. Grey and the cobalt blue in the shoes are a great balance with the black and white. Next time a boho look on the blog! Which one will you prefer? I'm dying to hear that from you! Xoxo, Deb!



On of my favorite fashion colors: light or baby blue. It's a winner because you can style it in a thousand ways. Basic with nude colors, camel and white. But also make it pop with orange or green. For many reasons the biggest trend this summer. What combination is your favorite? Xoxo, Deb.



I love the balance of a pastel shade with a bright tone: mixing baby blue with orange is one of my favorites at this moment. This combination is in a run to go on the walls in the baby room. But also very easy to use in a statement outfit! Beside the outfit, I kept the rest of my look very clean. No range of accessories but one statement bracelet. White heels for a balanced but summer minded finishing touch down the bottom. I'm using the skirt up to the fullest right now, because my belly is getting in the way! Will you wear this color combination or do you use another pastel versus bright look? Tell me about it! Xoxo, Deb.



Closet reveal on Fashionchick.nl A half year ago I was one of the lucky girls that won a VIP treatment during Amsterdam Fashion Week, hosted by Fashionchick.nl. After that perfect weekend, they posted me and my closet for an item on their website. Peek into my closet? here @ Fashionchick.nl  For my lovely followers outside Holland; the interview is in Dutch, but the pictures speak louder than words. xoxo, Deb.



hi girls I'm back. Sorry for my absence! Unfortunately there were some problems with my pregnancy. instead of a holiday to Ibiza, a few days in the hospital. I'm home now and I'm so glad everything is okay now with me and my baby boy. Doctors advice rest. Well, that explained my absence, at Instagram and FB. Unfortunately I can’t show you the ibiza style high summer sets that were ready to shoot. Luckily I always am a few steps ahead and of course Lisanne also works very good at that. (You do not know who Lisanne is? see right above the link to her outfit post) so next week I'll be posting these articles. For today: Golden rock chick. With a growing belly I figured out that clothes also do a lot for body shapes during pregnancies. A low skirt or something wide and the belly is 'hidden' for a while. My wardrobe is slinking every week, because of our growing baby boy. The fashionista in me does not like it to put all the pretty pieces in storage, but the baby is healthy and growing so that's a million times more important. I am so thankful to be a mummy in a few months! This golden skirt from H&M trend rocks a boho style but is also glamorous. A perfect match with a denim shirt, for the ones that are not convinced yet to buy some denim pieces. After a few denim posts, which denim combination will you wear during summer? Xoxo, Deb.



An all time favorite because of the clean blue tones and strong material: denim. The best part of this chunky garment is the variety of it. You can mix and match all the way! From boho beauty (see my previous post) to super chic combined with some magic colors like gold. I can't wait to show you an outfit combination with denim and a pretty golden skirt. A great trend at this very moment is denim on denim. Why? Because fashionistas can't get enough of doing some denim! A must buy basic in your closet is an oversized denim shirt, to combine with a body hugging piece underneath it. Be a bit sexy and keep a few buttons unzipped, and finish it off with a petit necklace. A basic item like this never goes out of style so it's a keeper in your closet! Some streetstyle inspiration to hit the road in denim yourself! Xoxo, Deb!



Summer up some black lace? Use brown shades and denim for boho best! This skirt is a mix and match made in heaven, because you can go all different with the right pieces. Finish them down with some boots and you are instantly ready for a summer festival. I combined them with some funky heels for a party on Dutch bank holiday Ascension day (Hemelvaart for my Dutch followers!). After a few months of pregnancy sickness I had a lovely day out with friends and got loads of energy from it! Love it! Xoxo Deb!



A different post, but very fitting in this summer festival season. I ran into this pretty piece of Dutch dance history; Mary go wild A perfect reflection of 25 years of dance in Holland, thousand pictures of the Dutch dance scene and loads of remarkable interviews. At this moment the book is only in Dutch (sorry, maybe it will be released in English) but shows a great review on the Dutch DJ heroes, famous clubs and music festivals. Also a nice advantage, it's a great piece on your coffee table. Have a great day! Xoxo Deb!



Long time no see, no color in my outfit! I'm getting more at ease in my looks. Is that part of getting older? This leather short is a favorite from H&M, only €14,95. A great budget piece to mix and match like grazy. With a simple look a simple hairdo will work the most. Small detailing in accessories, earrings from H&M. Do you miss color already? Xoxo, Deb.



Home decoration for power girls, pink tones! And for the daredevils combined with some fresh orange. I like it most with grey shades or a black and white combination. Currently seen together with minimalistic design, which I love. Also perfect for a little girls room, as I am doing research for some room interior for our little one. But I will share a little secret with you, no pink for us: we're having a baby boy! Just for the record, I will not bore you with baby rooms! But these girly rooms I had to share with you ladies. Is pink (maybe even with orange) filling your house? Share some pictures on Instagram using hashtag #stylofax and maybe I will share them later on! Xoxo, Deb.