They're in fashion for a while but are also fashion prepped for winter. That's why I shopped an online selection for you! If slip-ons are not on your wish list, put them on right now! Wear them with an oversized pants or with shorts like in my previous post. Click on your favorite one and buy the damm shoes! Xoxo, Deb.



Here we came back from the hospital. We had a baby check up and everyting was oke. I feel so so blessed!! On this picture i am 30 weeks preganent. Time goes so fast, i cant believe it. We started with our little boys room. you find the picture on Intagram or Facebook. Today I tried some ton sur ton orange. Do you like the color as much as I do? It's powerful yet bright and fresh. Some Celine inspired arty loafers to create balance with the bright upper half. The blazer made it classy and the jeans short created some nonchalance back in the outfit. Do you think it's great as an after summer look? Xoxo Deb.



Always grab the same earrings to keep it safe? Stop! Time to do something new. After the statement necklaces trend, we are ready for the statement earrings. Put your hair to the back to give them all the attention. The best way to give your (slightly boring) outfit a new twist. One of the latest trends: hair to the side and one statement earring! Xoxo, Deb.



Something very different but great to mix and match: statement earrings! These pretty babies are from H&M Conscious Collection and where ready to shine. I want to be honest, they are big mamas and harder to style than I thought before, because they can make the look over the top very easily. During a mix and match outfit session this outfit popped up. Normally little bit too boring for me, basic items like denim and black. But with the earrings it's perfect! They do all the work. Still not ready with summer, I styled it off with this hat. Hair in a low knot to keep all the attention to the statement earrings. Xoxo, Deb.



#BOHO #kimono #fringe #hat #lace #whitelace #festival #streetstyle #isabelmarant
#BOHO #fringe #hat #lace #whitelace #festival #streetstyle #isabelmarant #pregnant #momtobe
Once more with less colors than you would expect from me. But black and white can be made very 'colorful' when using different shapes and materials. White can be boho fresh while you use some lace pieces. Black is not boring at all, but you can make an extra statement when you put some fringe on you. Not so black and white when you give it a closer look right? Xoxo, Deb.



After the blogpost with me in boho white, I wanted to give it a follow up with some boho streetstyle inspiration! This week we get a warm and sunny week, I'm glad summer is not gone already! So get your summer items out of the closet for maybe this last week of sunny vibes, and make a boho look with some key pieces in jewelry or accessories. Which is your favorite look? Xoxo, Deb.



This is the first time I wear an off white lacy outfit. Without Photoshop it's difficult to match it with skin tones that need some sunshine! A week ago I sneaked one of these pictures on Instagram and the comments where mind blowing, thanks for all your sweet reactions! That made me decide to make it a whole outfit post. The ton sur ton and the lace make it rich and not boring at all. Western boots to keep the boho style alive, they are from last seasons H&M Trend collection. Talking Western: keep all your country items close because upcoming winter they are back in trend! Do you like a winter Western wonderland? Xoxo, Deb.



Instagram is such a great addition to my blog and one big inspiration spot for my outfits! Great to show you all some snapshots of my daily wear, previews of my posts and everything else that keeps me busy all day. Already following my Instagram account? If not, add @stylofax HERE and let's share inspiration together! Xoxo, Deb.



In the mood for a sporty yet feminine look? Denim on denim is an answer to that! A denim short combined with heels are sexy and sophisticated. I love the contrast! Some silver and red color accents make it bubbly and boho. Messy hair to finish it off and you are ready to rock! I still didn't bought maternity clothing and I try to avoid that as long as possible. Because I love my own items so much (and i save some money:-). One fashion secret: bought some skirts two sizes larger and this denim short @ H&M (sale). Xoxo, Deb.



Don't worry! I am not getting some Botox or a facelift. My sweet mother in law introduced this Body Shop silicon pencil to me, what an invention! It's for women with starting wrinkles around their lips, and too bad I am one of them. The pencil keeps also your lipstick in the right place. Perfect for a lipstick lover like me! Do you have beauty tips that you want to share with me? Tell me all about it! Xoxo, Deb.