I am in seventh heaven because boho style is back in business! Wear an oversized top with flared bottoms and your are good to go. Bohemian minded but less coloured or loads of prints. This top from Zara's newest collection has already a clear style and the hat finishes it off. Top can be wore as a dress so that's very versatile! Once bought a boho item, you can use it for years. Every year you can style boho into your wardrobe! Xoxo, Deb.



That fashion statements can be made in a garden, definitely proves what Bob and I are up to the last three years! Create our perfect own back garden is one hell of a job and pretty expensive. We decided to finalise one stage every year and unfortunately this season it won't be finished either. That's why we created a to do list and that's where the different opinions (between man and woman) begin. My priority is the cabana and Bob choose the garden path, but the finish is in sight. Outside furniture is also difficult with different tastes, but we agreed on some items. We both want to sit relaxed while the summer season hits in! Because gardens are my top of mind I wanted to share some outside inspiration with you. What style is your favourite? Xoxo, Deb.



The whole look from H&M - Mart Visser bag
Can't believe that I was in doubt in the first place with this outfit! So happy with all the individual items and once putting them together. This comfy coat was only available in size 38 - normally I'm a size 34 - but it's great whore a bit oversized. A few years ago everything had to be slim fitted and tight, these days you can get it the slouchy and comfy way. Brilliant, because I can borrow some of Bob's basic shirts. Not a big fan of showing some belly? Me neither after mine almost popped while I was pregnant! You will never know, maybe it will be a six pack again. Before that, wear something underneath the crop. Don't let it rest in your closet when you love the piece. You can also combine it with a nice high waist pencil skirt. Their are pretty ones out there! Xoxo, Deb. (Pictures by Studio Bonansa )



Every month I want to share my personal wishlist including the hyperlink so you can immediately shop those wanted items! This month I collected these pretty babies for you. Which is your favourite? Let me know! Xoxo, Deb.



Bershka pants- H&M blouse, earrings and bag- Other stories hat
Go 70's! One of the biggest trends this season. Flared trousers and sunny blouses with oversized puff sleeves are definitely a must have when you want to join this hippie look. With some self tanning lotion, yellow is good to handle your skintone and easily mixed in an outfit. This yellow blouse is from H&M Trend newest collection. I will get fun with it, for sure. I love long sleeves on hot pants. That is easier to combine and takes it off the beachy or festival look. Another tip: choose two different colours that make a surprising combination. That makes your look quite different and unexpected. Yellow is lovely in a bohemian look. Green hat, yellow top...Perfect for spring! Xoxo, Deb. (Pictures by Studio Bonansa )



Once the first Dutch festivals kicked off during Easter weekend, I need to prepare for my first one this year. Last year while pregnant I kept quiet off coarse, so this year I'm back! A bit less flexible and the need to organise some babysitters, but I definitely want to enjoy some parties this year. This is the perfect timing for inspiration, to get some bohemian pieces to work with. While putting everything together it may be to much for you, but one or two pieces are perfect. Change the short for a long denim or a basic outfit with bohemian inspired accessories. Keep your head up for great items, next time I will line them up in my monthly shopping post! Xoxo, Deb.