Yellow dots

(Pictures by Studio Bonansa) I mean, who doesn't love this powerful colour! It's a difficult colour with my facial skin tone, but popping great as a skirt. Combined with black and/or white is always a good idea. But grey can also be matching! This cute looking skirt is perfect with a fierce boot and sexy with the heels. Again, you can tell my affection for contrast right? Xoxo, Deb


Go scuba with peplum!

(Pictures by Studio Bonansa)   An all grey outfit with a hint of black. It's really hard but I need to save money for our summer vacation, but I had to buy this top! It's from H&M sale and also available in deep purple. It's sophisticated but feminine thanks to the scuba material. I live for contrast, so this bomber jacket and denim shorts make it up to date and funky. The shorts are also H&M and love to buy them a few sizes bigger - baggy style. Bare legs again so self tanning lotion from Collistar is a close friend at the moment. Finished the whole look with marble heels by Monki, love that marble print! They are not the most comfy shoes but hey...;) Xoxo, Deb


Awakenings festival

Besides a day full of nice music, lovely people and a relaxed vibe a great festival outfit makes me happy! This time Bob took pictures because unfortunately I can't fly in Bonny all the time;)
Speaking of contrasts: two items can't be more different from one another. Silk and biker boots! This bodysuit from a lace material is good from the front but even better from the back. You have to show this item! Perfect to combine with tops and dresses with a low back. So leave the bra at home! A bummer with a small chest but hey, big boobs are not particularly in fashion right?;) 
Combined it all with fine jewellery and messy hair. Unfortunately mummy didn't had time for black nailpolish which would have finished it off.
Go grunge chic like the Olsen twins. Those sisters are the best in styling and definitely style icons! Xoxo, Deb.


Preview 'Ambitieuze Meisjes collaboration part 2

Last week I posted the first outfit of the 'business versus pleasure' assignment I got from national platform 'Ambitieuze Meisjes'. For now: pleasure it is with the second outfit! After work shake your hair loose and show more skin with a slightly shorter skirt. I combined it with a bomberjacket, to keep it in balance. Hopefully you like my input for the online magazine and looking forward to it like I do! It will be launched half of July. Xoxo, Deb


Preview 'Ambitieuze Meisjes' collaboration part 1

As you girls already know, Lisanne is - besides her fulltime job - my editor on Stylofax for a while now. She is also member of 'Ambitieuze Meisjes' (meaning Ambitious Girls), a national platform for young female talents. Lisanne is Editor-in-Chief of the third edition of the AM magazine and they asked me to cooperate for a fashion spread. They gave me the task to style business versus pleasure, with one key piece item. The magazine launches half of July and will be also shown on my blog. For now I will already show my own followers the first outfit! As a key piece I choose a fierce pink top, to show that even a 'heavy' colour like this can be easily styled for several occasions. When it's hard for you to style smart outfits, start with an easy black and white combination. When this is not a favourite combination for you, go with natural shades like off-white or green. These go also very well with pink. A pencil skirt and a heavy coat are 100% classy, and very sparkling with pink. Keep the rest simple and tie up your hair in a slick ponytail. What do you think of part one? Xoxo, Deb. Pictures by Studio Bonansa


To inspire: style icon Solange Knowles

This style icon definitely stepped out of the shadows of her famous big sister: Solange Knowles. What a pretty woman that can handle every colour or print that that you can imagine! She is a big example for all my boho looks, but a great inspiration for all of us. So be inspired by these awesome looks of her! Xoxo, Deb.