So proud to present the first outfit I shot with Stijn Hoekstra, a great photographer from website WHO-CARES. Such a nice website for pregnant women and new moms. The lovely Pieternel, owner of Who Cares, asked my to team up for the website. And off coarse I wanted that! I was very nervous but Thijs was very professional and relaxed, so we had a great day. This winter green goes all the way! Isabel Marant has a great role in that winter trend and I'm so into green shades. I used leather to stay away from a forester look. I'll keep you posted for more green inspiration. Will you wear this vibrant color? Xoxo, Deb.



One of the biggest trends for fall 2014: capes! Perfect for extra comfort over a light coat when a chunky winter coat is still to warm. You can't go wrong with capes! These capes are perfect and specially chosen to inspire you all. Capes are easy to style with and have always a slight feminine vibe. For the creative girls here, it's an easy DIY project! Otherwise a budget project for someone else with sewing skills. Just a big square (or rectangle) with enough space for your head and neck. To much work?? I did some shopping for you. Just click on you favorite piece above. Xoxo, Deb.



We had another baby check- up and everything seemed to be okay. I feel so blessed. I am 38 weeks pregnant now so if I give birth to our son today, there are at least five more outfits with my big belly. Thats because I had a very special shoot wen i was 35 weeks pregnant. But more about that later. Today i wear two of this seasons biggest trends: over knees and a cape. The colors are black blue grey, and... a Bordeaux bag for the extra boost. The feminine shoes and cute skirt look more cool thanks to the masculine hat. Big kiss to all of you and enjoy your weekend lovelys!!



Go grazy this fall and winter on the best high boot trend! You can't miss them this fashion season and go wear it. Just below the knees or even more daredevil; over knees! Those are my favorite. These inspiration photos give me butterflies in my stomach, I want them all. Unfortunately not in my budget, but definitely great inspiration for affordable look a likes. Which are your favorites? Xoxo, Deb.



One of the happiest summer trends but also very autumn like. Found in the summer collection of Celine, loads of big brands used the art print in their collections. Normally I am not a big buyer of trend items that will last just one season. I'm getting bored of it very easily and I don't want to waste money on that. But this H&M art print top is slightly different. I changed it from a normal top into a crop top to wear it while I'm pregnant. Pay attention to my new shoes, my black friends from Zara! They are so comfortable and very feminine! The perfect combination. Are you already shopping for winter boots? Wait until my next post, with loads of high boot inspiration! Xoxo, Deb.



H&M poncho, top and skirt- Zara bag - Primark hat- Isabel Marant for H&M boots- Vintage bracelets
Back again with a new outfit! A big trend this season: The cape! I am 36 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet my little boy! My closet shrinks every week due to my growing belly, but that doesn't mind. I love to style myself with this big bun! It sounds maybe a bit strange, but I will miss it when the baby is born. I did not buy one single piece of maternity clothes, simply because it wasn't necessary. I like fitting clothes the most on pregnant women, so I tried to use all of my own pieces. Hopefully there will be another 'big belly post' after this one. Stay tuned! Xoxo, Deb.