With festival season ahead and to see all the festival style pictures of American music and arts festival Coachella (check #coachella2014 on Instagram or search Pinterest!) I am so ready for a boho look. This black version is timeless, and I still like boyish shirts with some print on front. The best to style with feminine pieces! And what is more feminine than a black skirt and heels? I combined them with some jewelry from 9 years ago, bought during a holiday abroad. Every year I use them and still very happy with them! A hat to empower the boho look from top to toe. And for a bad hair day! Xoxo, Deb.



Instagram is such a great addition to my blog and one big inspiration spot for my outfits! Great to show you all some snapshots of my daily wear, previews of my posts and everything else that keeps me busy all day. Where do you use Instagram for? Not also following other fashion bloggers, I like accounts as OOTD magazine or Modevamp to get new ideas for outfits and very important: re-use old items from my closet. Already following my Instagram account? If not, add @stylofax HERE and let's share inspiration together! Xoxo, Deb.



Hii girls. I am back, finally!! I had a few crazy weeks. Don't ask! Today streetstyle inspiration. I am so happy fashion brought one 90's trend back in business: the crop top! In my previous post I revealed some skin with a blue version, but my closet will definitely have some more of these cute ones this spring and summer. It is such a wearable item, also when you don't want to show that much skin. High waist skirts are a great partner, but you can style them all the way. Enjoy this streetstyle inspiration, how fashionista's worldwide this pretty little pieces of garment. H&M has a wide range of crops these season! Xoxo, Deb.



Start spring with skirts in different shapes and lengths. I love it! This graphic version is one of my favourite buys, affordable and so fresh. This is the first one that stole my heart and fitted my budget. Wearing it with this dark blue crop top, I feel spring proof! Blue is still one of my favourites at this moment. And crop tops are a great item to mix. You think crops are too much skin? Combine it with a high waist skirt, for just a small bare skin zone. What do you think, combine it with heels or sneakers? I think both fit perfect with an outfit like this. Sporty chic with sneakers, feminine power with heels. My opinion is clear. Why not having the best with both? But I like to hear what you think! A touch of orange lipstick and Monki earrings. Rest of the outfit by H&M. Xoxo, Deb.



Shopping time!! Let's shop some blue, 1/9-H&M, 2/4/5/6/8-Other Stories, 3/7-Monki. Big hug from Deb



For those who say that blue is for boys: I will prove you wrong! Enter the war zone with me for a great battle of blue coats: cobalt verses dark blue. Both are great combined with baby blue and in a different shaped outfit. The short top is a wink to sexiness, but with the leather it is fierce again. I combined it with some slipons, my friends for this spring and summer. Pay attention to the H&M Trend collection at this moment (also online!) for some blue babies to fill your closet. The minimalistic necklace is from COS and such a perfect item to mix and match with. The slick ponytail balances the wide garment. I think these two blue warriors compete very well, but who do you think deserves the crown? I like to hear your opinion! Xoxo, Deb.



Graphic prints are on my to do list this season! It would be a fashion crime to not share the streetstyle inspiration pictures I collect this week. You will recognize the square print like I slipped on in my previous post, but also see different versions! These perfect graphics have charistic straight lines. Very refreshing, and shows of the best in a black and white combination. Great with bright colors and perfect to combine with different prints. So my cup of tea! Will you wear this graphic beauties? Can't wait to hear! Big hug, Deb!



Finally! I can stripe this perfect print from my wish list. Such a great one to combine with a lot of colors and other prints. A sporty outfit thanks to the white mesh top. One big trend is the baggy leather and such a great bottom in this look. Perfect for slip ons or heels. With my short legs I definitely go for heels. Makes it more of a grown up look. Using some color, orange is a favorite in combination with black. The slip ons are from the new H&M collection, also sold online here. Enjoy this lovely evening! Xoxo, Deb.



Every girl needs a basic wardrobe with a black blazer in it. You can go all the way with an item like this! I have a H&M version that is in my closet for years and stays in fashion and in my heart. You can mix it up from chic to very sporty, the streetstyle pictures proof that it is one versatile item. Roll the sleeves for a casual look, when the rest is chic or basic. A great pro of the blazer is that it makes a outfit very clean. But make sure to use details to spice it up a bit. For example, don't use a plain white jeans but one with ripped details. Or mix it up with prints or different materials. Use both and you never go wrong! XOXO Deb!! (source Pinterest)



Fashionchick.nl surprised me with one big happy gift: heels from the new collection of (the amazing designer) Claes Iversen collaborate with shoe brand Blinkshoes. As one of the lucky girls I can wear them a little bit earlier than the rest of the world. I'm in shoe heaven! Last years collection was marvelous, but with these pretty babies I can only imagine that the new line will be perfect. We still have to wait one week for the big launch on the 20th of March. But here are the black ones that entered my wardrobe. One minimalistic and feminine shoe, exactly my style! Can't wait till March? You can win them  HERE . I combined them with a wide shiny pants in a ruby red color. A white body hugging top, which you can change easily in a crop version. The black blazer finished it off chic and elegant. I put the minimalistic look in a leather and plexi look bracelet. Everything H&M. Did I make you looking forward to the whole Claes Iversen collab? More is yet to come! BIG HUG Deb!!