A few years ago I found a streetstyle picture with a girl that wore a blue faux fur. I fell in love immediately! Google helped me to find that pretty thing, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. You will understand why: too expensive. Luckily H&M came with the perfect rebound in black and white for a perfect little price. Faux fur in two of three different tones are my favourite, but this item recovered my heart. The faux fur pops out of a whole black outfit. I brought some colour into it with some &otherstories lipstick and sneakers. Those lipsticks from &otherstories are good quality! By the way, this picture is taken in Amsterdam, West Cord Fashion hotel last week. The new parents had a lovely weekend with the two of them! Xoxo, Deb.



In black maybe it's easy to manage, but when colors are used combining is a bit more difficult: a toned outfit in one color. Just one! To use different materials and shapes you can create diversity beside that one color. Style it off with accessories in that color. Keep it clean! I created three outfits for some toned inspiration. Which one is your favorite? Xoxo. Deb.



Such a crush this very moment: ear piercings! You can create a sparkling party in your ears, because there are loads of pretty earrings in shops today. It's on my wishlist for while, but oh boy that list is long! I got loads of wishes, sometimes it makes me a little bit grazy! But it never gets bored. Do you rock an ear party already? Find some inspiration below! Xoxo, Deb.



An all the way H&M outfit, all shopped in sale. The best pieces for a bargain price! The leather sleeved coat gives that extra power to a whole knitted outfit. Luckily you can't go wrong with or without the coat, because knitwear outfits are one big trend! Knitted pieces from head to toe are popular and seen on the biggest runways and in fashion spreads in magazines. I dare you to not tuck your shirt in your skirt. Make some change! No accessories to keep the look clean, something different than you would expect from me. Do you like this minimal look? Let me know! Xoxo, Deb.



Next project at our home: the bedroom! After our big renovation and getting a baby, the bedroom is so ready for a make over! I get loads of inspiration from Pinterest which I want to share with you. My main goal is to get a basic design which I can style with different bedding and accessories. But what style to pick, I can't decide yet. I like to change and swop once in a while, but that makes it pretty difficult. These inspiration pics are perfect and I would like to get them al..What is your favourite pick? Hopefully you can help me decide! Xoxo, Deb.



Girls get your boots out, because overknees are one trending topic! These boots are my favorites for many years, so easy to mix and match. Bought them years ago at Zara and I handle them with care. Surprisingly grey is so easy to combine, maybe even easier than black. For me grey is the new black. Pay attention when you combine overknees with body hugging clothes or too much naked body parts. Better with some wide or oversized pieces! I prefer skirts and dresses with these kind of boots. Style them off in boho or just a minimal look. Go try it! Xoxo, Deb.